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What To Do With A Naked Man

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

A naked man with six pack abs and chiseled chest
Naked Muscle Man

A list of options other than the obvious

Try dressing up

You hate to admit it, but all guys have fantasies about nurses, naughty school girls, maids outfit, etc. Make his fantasy a reality.

Give him a massage

Make him lie on his stomach first and massage his back, shoulders, arms and legs. Turn him over and you should see his excitement already. Tease him even more with an oil massage. Believe us, things get really fun when your slippery bodies rub up against each other. Keep your floor or bed from getting ruined by investing in a oil massage cover.

A man grabbing a womans ass under her panties
Grabbing her ass

Watch a sexy show together

And we're not talking porn. Almost like it though. Watch a movie together that arouses both of you. Think Chole or Unfaithful. Both movies will get the blood pumping in all the right places.

Try a remote-controlled panty vibe

If you want him to be in control but still wear your sexy lingerie, you can wear a remote-controlled panty vibe in your panties. These underwear vibrators tuck into your panties and have a remote control for him to adjust the vibration and power for clitoral stimulation. That way you can continue to give him a show and get pleasure from it at the same time.

Rim him

If you're guy, and you, are into anal foreplay then this will get you both going. It's something not a lot of people will admit being turned on by, but secretly, they are.

Play with his nipples

For some men, their nipples are as sensitive as a woman's. Use that to your advantage. Rub them in a circular motion, use a vibrator on them, or just use your tongue to lick and suck like guys do. You might even teach them something. Or, if you're into some kink, you can try these nipple clamps.

A man with his hands on a naked womans breasts and vagina
Touching You All Over

Cover their eyes

Blindfolding a guy and driving them crazy not knowing where or how they are going to be touched is a total turn on. Make it so only you can say when they take it off.

Give them a show

Take out your vibrator and make him watch you play with yourself. As you heat up, so will he. It's fun to watch him beg, but don't let him touch you until you're ready.

Be a big tease

Have your guy stand up while you sit on the bed. Kiss his stomach and legs while your hands are grabbing his butt. Just as he thinks you're going to take it into your mouth, get up and walk away. Only you decide when you come back.

Take it out of the bed

Bed sex is great most of the time. But, you have to take it to different places in the house to spice things up. Grab his hand and take him into the kitchen. Let him pick you up and put you on the counter top. Straddle him and have some fun with it. Or, lay down on the living room floor. This wedge pillow will keep you comfortable and give him some interesting angles.


There is nothing sexier than a guy in the kitchen. Ok, maybe a naked guy in the kitchen. We know it sounds weird, but cook a meal naked together. Watching each other and rubbing against each other will definitely turn up the heat.

Turn them into dinner

Speaking of making dinner, turn them into a meal, or dessert. Use some whipped cream, chocolate syrup, flavored lube or anything else your taste buds grave and pour, rub it on your guy.

A women in her underwear straddling a shirtless man
Let Me Ride You

Find the P Spot

A guys prostate is like the womans G spot. But you won't have a hard time finding his. You can put two fingers in between his testicles and anus to find it. Press this area when you're riding him or when you're giving him a blowjob. He will love it.

Silent treatment

Wrap your hand around his penis but don't say anything. Have him try to get you aroused...kissing your neck, nipples, etc. When he does something you like, squeeze his penis to let him know that you like it. It will turn him on waiting for that next squeeze.

Hands Off

Play a game where neither one of you can use your hands to turn each other on. Your lips, tongues, breath and any other non hand part of your body can be used. Make it even more fun by not talking.

Cool down

Heat and cold are two very different things. Instead of always trying to heat things up, cool them down for once. Have your guy lay on his back and rub ice cubes up and down his body. You can also try putting some ice in your mouth and giving him head.

Get up on that wall

Ask your guy to pick you up and put up against the wall. We've all seen it done in movies and it looks hot. Believe us, it is. Plus, it's less work for you.

Try 77

Everyone's heard of 69. It's fantastic when done right. But, 77 can be great too. No oral sex in this though. The 77 represents how your bodies are in this position with the woman's back pressing up against the guys chest. The angle of the penetration is amazing.

Play rough

If you want to start adding some rough sex into your life, then you can look into bondage. Most people think of bondage as being whipped, being abused or being punished. It isn't like that if both people agree not to make it like that. There are some toys available for people people that are interested in bondage. We recommend this beginner kit

A woman in underwear and a man grabbing her ass
Pull Me Close

Tie them up and pleasure yourself too

Not a lot of people know of this one. Take a scarf or something similar and place it around their penis and balls. Tie it in a large square knot leaving about a foot of fabric on each side. Then climb on top. Pull on the free ends on both sides as you're riding him. The knot in front will rub against your clitoris. You're welcome.

While he's on top

Every once in a while you have to go back to the old standard, missionary. Make it better by grabbing the back of your thighs and pulling your legs in. That will give him more penetration. If you want even more, try and put the soles of your feet on his chest. That allows for a crazy amount of penetration.

Make it a quickie

Your guys getting ready for work. He just got out of the shower. Go in, bend over the bathroom counter and wait. So he's late by 10 minutes.

A couples feet sticking out from under bed sheets
Under the covers

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