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What's Mutual Masturbation And How To Do It Right

Resting Afterwards

You and your husband are sitting around on a Saturday night. You're reading a hot erotic book and feeling frisky. You're wondering if you could slip away and have some fun with your favorite sex toy. But then you have an idea. I want him to watch....I want to watch him.

Talk About It

You walk to the bedroom and open the nightstand drawer to take out your friend. You call to your partner to come into the bedroom for a minute. He walks in and you're sitting on the edge of the bed with your toy.

Tell him that you're going to give him a show and to sit down in the chair across from you. Don't undress, just look straight into his eyes. Tell him that you want to watch him masturbate to you touching yourself, but you cannot touch each other.

Set The Mood

Dim the lights. Walk over and stand in front of him. You look straight into his eyes and ask him if he's relaxed and comfortable. You can see from the bulge in his shorts that he is.

Slow Down

You go back to the bed and slowly start undressing, giving him a show. You ask him to do the same. He stands up and removes his shorts and shirt and he can't help touching his cock watching you get undressed. You tell him to relax, let's take our time.


Your hands touch your face, your neck and move down to your breasts, cupping them. You're taking your time, making sure your partner is enjoying the show as he's stroking his cock.

You play with your nipples, moaning softly as they get hard. Your one hand moves down past your stomach, between your legs. You look at your guy, breathing heavy. He's getting close. You tell him to slow down, the show is just starting.

You caress the inside of your thighs and pass your hand over your pussy. It's so wet. You have to touch it with your toy. The humming sound starts as you slowly start to rub your pussy with it. You close your eyes and tilt your head back. It feels so damn good.

Switch Things Up

You tell your guy once again to slow down, you have something to show him. You get on all fours, doggy style, showing him your dripping pussy. Your toy starts going in and out, slowly at first but then faster. Your other hand goes to your clit, making circles but then rubbing it hard and fast.

Strong Orgasm

Your rubbing and fucking yourself hard and you tell your guy you want to come first. He takes his hand away from his cock as he's close too. You let him watch as your body starts to shake and your ass is moving up and down on the vibrator. You let out big moan and you have one of the biggest orgasms you've had in awhile.

You tell him it's his time to finish. You sit up on the bed and lick and suck on your wet and sticky fingers, watching your guy stroke his rock hard cock. You say come for me baby as you see his juice run down the side of his penis. You don't look away or cover up. Sit there and enjoy the moment you just shared.

That's mutual masturbation

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