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What Is And How To Do A Nuru Massage

A Man Massaging A Womans Back
Rub My Back

A Nuru massage is a Japanese style of a massage that means "body on body'. It involves using special Nuru Oils and a couple that wants to have some oily fun. Read on to find out what makes it so special.

The Nuru massage is an erotic version of foreplay. It involves using the whole body that is oiled up with Nuru gel. The name Nuru itself means very smooth or slippery. The goal of this massage is for you and your partner to slide your bodies all over each other.

A Woman Lying Down Touching Her Breasts
Rub Some Oil On Me

How To Prepare

First of all, you need to order some Nuru Gel. We recommend the Magic Gel as it's colorless, odorless and tasteless. It's also very easy to wash away. The other benefit is that it remains slippery while other generic gels get sticky after a while.

The other important part is that you need a rubberized sheet or mattress so you can easily slip around. A normal mattress will not work and the gel would ruin expensive bedding. There are many rubber sheets or mattress available for purchase but we really like the Nuru Guru Mattress Protector. It's fully waterproof and is a fitted sheet style so it fits most mattress depths. It's also soft and silent so there will be no crunching noise.

We recommend heating the gel first in warm water so it's body temperature and warm when it touches your naked bodies.

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Exhausted And Satisfied After Sex

The Movements

The Nuru massage is about connecting to each others bodies. It's an intense and more sensual form of a normal massage. It's really up to decide how to do your massage.

The best way, we believe, is to have one partner lay on their back and the other partner pours the gel and straddles the other person. Massage as you normally would, touching their whole body. Then turn them over and do the same thing. By this time, you both will be sexually aroused.

Now, switch positions. It's the other persons turn to get the massage and you should take full advantage of both your oiled bodies. Slide around as much as you want, or as much as you can stand. We guarantee a steamy, erotic night.

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