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These Dirty Texts Will Get A Rise Out Of Your Man

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

A man watching porn on his phone and masturbating
Man Masturbating

Remember when you first started dating your guy? You couldn’t keep your hands off each other. The sex was wild and amazing. Your mind would wander at work thinking about what you would do to him that night. He was getting hard just by looking at you and imaging what he was going to do to you.

A woman in lingerie straddling her husband
Woman on top

But after a while, the intensity and wanting each other that bad fades. Sure, you still want each other and think about it, but it’s not the same. It’s only natural. It becomes routine. Your kisses become less passionate. The sex lasts a half hour at most. You give him head, he gets hard, you climb on top, he flips you over doggy style and comes, you kiss and cuddle for a while and fall asleep. Pretty much the same routine every time.

A man grabbing his wife's ass underneath her panties
Grabbing my wife's ass

Or, you don’t even have sex much anymore. There’s too much stress in your life with work, kids maybe, dealing with day to day activities, etc. You would like to get your groove back and have that wild and crazy sex you had when you first met. The sexy and dirty texts below will help. Send them to your guy while you are apart and see what happens when you get together again.

A woman in her underwear getting her husband sexually aroused
Woman Gets Her Man Aroused

  1. I dreamed about you last night and woke up so wet.

  2. How’s your day going? I can’t stop thinking about your cock.

  3. Would it be weird if I asked you to watch some porn with me tonight?

  4. I’m buying us a new toy for the bedroom…can’t wait to have you watch me.

  5. It’s hard to concentrate at work when I keep thinking about how fast you made me come when we first met.

  6. I love the way your tongue feels on me. I want you to lick me tonight.

  7. I’m going to give you the best blow job ever tonight. See you then

  8. Wish you were touching me right now.

  9. I’ve been such a bad girl today…I think I need a spanking.

  10. Just thinking about your cock makes me wet. Have a good day; see you tonight!

  11. I just had the dirtiest thought – I will have to show you later.

  12. Don’t know what’s wrong with me; I’m so horny today. Can you help me out tonight?

  13. Remember the last time you came in my mouth? Me neither. Let’s make it happen tonight.

  14. Can’t stop thinking about you – I can’t stop touching myself

  15. How would you feel about tying me up tonight? You can do whatever you want…

  16. I’m getting wet thinking about riding you tonight

  17. I want you to fuck me from doggy tonight and show me no mercy.

  18. I want you inside me. Why don’t you come home now?

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