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The 5 Best Cheap Vibrators Under $20

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Today we're taking a look at 5 vibrators that are under $20 but worth every penny

First on our recommended list is the Secret Lover Bullet Vibrator $15.99

The tip of the bullet vibrator features a narrow edge that focuses vibrations on your clit, nipples and other sensitive spots.

The amazingly strong clit vibrator features 10 different settings - including 3 speeds and 7 pulsating patterns - for you to try. To maintain its reputation for discreetness, the motor is virtually silent.

The small size and discreet design make the bullet vibrator one of the best travel vibrators we’ve ever seen.

Next up is the Umania G Spot Bullet Vibrator at $13.99

A single button controls 10 modes of vibration. You will amazed at the unique power of this Bullet Vibrator. We guarantee it's something you've never seen before. It gives you unimaginable sexual pleasure by stimulating your G-spot and clitoris.

Being mini sized and small makes it easy to carry in your purse for evey day use, or for when you're traveling.

Third on our list is the Adorime High Frequency Vibrator for $19.99

DESIGNED FOR QUICK ORGASM---This clitoris vibrator is super powerful which has high-frequency vibration up to 15000 rounds/min, the pointed vibrating end design makes the vibration focuses better on the spot for quicker climaxes.

10 INTENSE VIBRATION MODES---This powerful stimulator has 10 different patterns which allow you to choose the mode that could help you trigger a mind-blowing squirting sexual experience within 90 seconds. Orgasms made easy.

Fourth is another High Frequency Vibrator made by Orlupo - $19.00

This Orlupo clitoris vibrator uses innovative spiral oscillating waves technology to deliver unimaginable clitoral stimulation and G-spot orgasms.

Usual vibrators are too big to target and explore specific pleasure zones. With its unique tip, it can be precisely applied to the entire clitoral area, internal or external in vagina.

6 Intensities and 7 High Frequency Vibration Modes

Last on our list is the Paloqueth Vibrator that has a price of $19.95

What makes this personal vibrator special is the shape. The large head with that fabulous ridge that presses and pulls on the G-Spot just right...either you or your partner can manipulate and move it, to find that sweet spot that will bring you to a very wet climax in a relatively short time.

This waterproof vibrator is very quiet if discretion is a worry. You could hear it in the same room but not behind closed doors even on the highest setting.

It has 3 intensities of constant vibration and 6 more vibrating patterns.

So there you have it, five vibrators that come in under $20. We have reviewed each one and will recommend any of the five. We hope you enjoy your new sex toy!

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