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Misconceptions About Masturbation

A woman taking off her panties to masturbate
Getting Ready To Have Some Solo Fun

In the past, masturbation, especially for women has been seen as taboo and dirty. But this has changed in the last 10 years or so.

Masturbation is a completely normal thing to do, for men and women. If you've never masturbated before or do it everyday, you may still believe some of the myths that are out there about the act. Below we try and debunk some of those myths.

A woman masturbating in the shower
Touching myself in the shower

Women Don't Masturbate As Much As Men

Let's face it, guys masturbate a lot. Everyone knows it. That's why porn is such a big money maker. But, studies have shown that women masturbate ALMOST as much as men.

According to research, four out of women, in all age groups, masturbate regularly. Three out of four women, ages 18-29 said they masturbate several times a week.

A Women With A Sexually Satisfied Look On Her Face
It Feels So Good

Does everyone masturbate the same way?

People masturbate to whatever makes them feel good. It doesn't matter if you're a guy or a girl, you need to find what does it for you.

When we talk about masturbation, we mean touching, rubbing or stroking your erogenous zones. For most people this means the penis, anus, nipples or anywhere else that gets you sexually aroused.

And you don't need to necessarily uses your hands and fingers. There are many sex toys out there to help with your sexually pleasure. From the simple vibrators and dildos, to the more elaborate toys such as the Cowgirl Premium Remote Controlled Riding Sex Machine.

We conducted our own survey of 100 women. We found it interesting that 36% of women use a vibrator, 14% use a dildo and 50% use only their fingers to masturbate. We have numerous articles and reviews of sex toys on our website at reviewsofsextoys.com.

The Paloqueth G Spot Rabbit Vibrator
The Paloqueth G Spot Rabbit Vibrator

Can masturbation help you learn how to orgasm?

Studies show that 9 out of 10 women say they always have an orgasm while masturbating, but only 1 in 4 say the orgasm with penetration through normal intercourse.

Part of the beauty of masturbation, other than the obvious, is learning what you need to orgasm. Do your nipples need to be played with? How fast or hard does your clitoris need to be rubbed? Do you need anal play?

These are all questions that you can find our yourself by masturbating which will teach you that you need to orgasm.

A Woman Touching Herself Over Her Panties
I Like It Like That

Can And Should I Masturbate While In A Relationship?

The resounding answer is YES! Being in a relationship should not stop you from pleasuring yourself when you need or want too. As we stated above, solo play is a great way to learn about your body. You can then share your knowledge with your partner.

Masturbation doesn't need to always be a solo act either. We wrote an article on mutual masturbation. This is when two people either watch each other masturbate or masturbate each other - think a hand job while getting fingered.

A woman touching herself on her bed
Masturbating In The Morning

Is Masturbation Really Taboo?

The thinking that masturbation is unhealthy or harmful is due to the ignorance about human sexuality. Almost everyone masturbates, so there should be nothing taboo or shameful about it. It's normal and healthy.

But we're not saying you have to masturbate to be normal. If you don't want to, or it doesn't feel right to you, then don't do it. Don't feel guilty or ashamed that it's not right for you. Make the choice that's right for you and your body.

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