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How To Introduce Sex Toys Into Your Relationship

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

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So Many Sex Toys

When we think of sex toys, most people think about vibrators or other toys that are for solo use. But, introducing toys to your partner can add some spice and additional pleasure to your relationship. The hard part is getting your partner involved and to agree to it.

Choosing the right time

While this may differ from couple to couple, there are right times and wrong times to start the conversation. Don’t bring it up BEFORE you have actually had sexual encounters with the person. Wait until you have a level of communication built up inside and outside of the bedroom. Make sure he feels like you’re not bringing up sex toys because he cannot satisfy you. He needs to understand that a sex toy would enhance the sex, not replace what he isn’t doing.

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Let Me Ride You

Ease into it

One of the best ways to bring up the subject of sex toys is to casually find articles about toys. Then ask his opinion about what he thinks. Let him read the article and it will start the conversation flowing.

Do research

He might be intimidated by the wide variety of sex toys that are available, and so might you. Do your research before starting the conversation. Figure out what you would like and find something that will be a good fit for both of you. This way you will be knowledgeable and will be able to answer any questions that he has.

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You Get Me So Hot

Shop together

There was a time where you would have to go to a sex shop to buy a new toy. A lot of people didn’t do it due to being embarrassed by the thought of people seeing or watching them. That has all changed today with online shopping. Being able to shop online for a toy in the comfort of your own home takes all the nervousness out of it. You can talk about what each of you might like to try without being nervous about anyone else being around.

Don’t pressure him

If he’s still hesitant about the idea, don’t try and pressure him into it. That could lead to you using your toy solo. Try other non-intimidating things such as massage oils or wearing a sexy outfit in fantasy play. He might become more receptive to the idea as he sees how those things have enhanced your lovemaking.

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Great New Years Eve

Let him be in control

A guy likes to be in control, for the most part. There are wearable sex toys out there that are controlled by a remote. He can control the sensations you receive from the toy from a distance. We guarantee that he will be turned on watching you squirm. Once he sees this, he might be willing to try other toys.

Mutual benefits

Most men fear being ‘left out’ if a sex toy is involved. There are toys for guys too. Couple specific toys such as cock rings and other wearabls will be mutually beneficial to both of you. This ensures that he still feels included other than normal penetration which will enhance pleasure for both of you.

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