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Fun Date Night Sex Games

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

A couple experimenting with Sex Toys and Adult Toys
Fun Date Night Sex Games

Sex doesn't always have to be serious. You can have a fun, silly time getting there. Do you need some suggestions on games to play in the bedroom? Maybe to bring back the flirty side of your relationship? Below are some fun ideas.

Truth Or Dare

This classic game has been around forever! But, it can be so much more interesting playing as adults. For truth, ask your partner questions such as "When's the last time you masturbated?" or "Have you ever thought about BDSM?"

For a dare, tell them to masturbate in front of you or do a strip tease for you. Have you ever seen a guy do a strip tease? It's hilarious! You get the idea.

A couple using Sex Toys And Adult Toys
Woman in lingerie sitting on guys lap

Blindfolded Sensations

Take turns blindfolding each other and tease the bodies of the blindfolded person with things around the house. Think ice cubes, honey, feathers, or even a vibrator. Use it on different parts of their body. It'll be exciting because they won't know where you will touch them next.

Sexy Dice

Sex dice are a fun way to really get in the mood. Most come in a pair or with three die. Each die has a specific action, place or body part on it. You each roll a die and then act on the outcome. It's a great way to change things up in your sex life. We recommend these three sided dice so you can have a lot of variation.

A couple using Sex Toys and Adult Toys
A woman in lingerie straddling her husband

Pick A Page

Purchase a book of sexual positions.Take turns picking a page number without looking and then act on it. The anticipation and arousel will be amazing.

Remote Control Sex Toys

Do you want to have some sexual fun while out in public? And no, we're not talking about having sex outdoors. Though that's fun too. We're talking about wearable, remote controlled vibrators. These toys are placed inside your underwear and fit perfectly against your sensitive spots.

Your partner has the remote and can turn it on or off and control the speed and power of the toy. Imagine being at dinner or a movie theater and you receive a vibrating pulse that makes your body quiver that makes you want to leave and go home. Talk about foreplay!

Vibrator Trivia

Are you or your partner a trivia buff? See if they can think and concentrate while playing this game. Use a vibrator or massager on their sensitive body parts as you ask them a question.

If you don't have a vibrator, then either give him a hand job or finger her while asking the question. They get a point if they answer correctly in a agreed amount of time.

A couple using Sex Toys and Adult Toys on New Years
A couple having sex on New Years

Balancing Act

This one is for the very talented and someone that has good concentration. Have your partner put a book on their head and see how long they can keep it there while you're giving them head or fingering her.

You can also try making them keep an egg between their knees as you're sexually arousing them. Or, make them hold a position, such as standing on one leg while you pleasure them. We doubt that they will be able to hold it long.

Next time you have a game night, put down the normal go to games and try one of these. The end of the game will be a lot more satisfying.

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