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Education On Edging

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

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Hold Me Down

What's edging and why should you be doing it?

Let's say you and your lover are rocking each others worlds and your both getting to the point where you're going to explode. She's moaning and grinding and he's breathing heavy. You're just about to climax, and you stop. Why? Because you want to experience an even better orgasm than you were about to have. This is what edging is and why you would do it.

How edging can help your sex life

So why would you stop that feeling of an orgasm when you're so close? People who practice edging says that delaying an orgasm makes it much more intense and enjoyable when you finally do have one.

It can also improve your sexual communication with your partner. A lot of couples don't talk during sex, they just go about it without expressing their true wants and needs. Edging makes you communicate because you need to tell your partner when your close so he or she can slow down and hold you back.

Another benefit is that edging takes some of the seriousness out of sex. You get to have some fun with it and tease each other.

It also takes the focus off of the goal of an orgasm. Some people are so anxious and stressed about having one, that it makes them not have one at all. With edging, the pressure of having an orgasm is lifted since the point is to delay the climax.

How to get started with edging

Edging doesn't have to be with a partner, it can be done while masturbating. You can masturbate as you normally do. It's up to you how you get yourself to the brink. Then, before you are about to climax, you can stop and not let yourself go.

When you're close to climaxing, start breathing slower and slow down what is getting you to the point. That could be when you are using your hand or a toy masturbating or if your partner is thrusting or using their hand or mouth to stimulate you. Wait until the feeling passes and then ramp it up again. When you feel like you can't take it anymore, let your partner know to keep doing what they're doing so you can have that amazing feeling of an intense orgasm.

Holding off on your orgasm by edging will make it feel more pleasurable and the contractions may be stronger and last longer. And who doesn't want that?

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