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7 Decisions To Make When Purchasing A Sex Toy

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If your allergic to certain materials such as latex, you obviously wouldn’t purchase a sex toy made of latex. Choosing a material is all a matter of preference.

You can get toys that are made in all sorts of materials based on the toy and your preference. If you like dildos for instance, some are made softer and able to bend. These are usually made of a jelly substance. Or, you like something that is a little sturdier, silicone, hard plastic or even glass are options.

Choosing a material is a very important part of researching what you may like in a sex toy as it will be coming in contact, inside and out, of many parts of your body.

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Buying a battery powered or rechargeable sex toy depends on how often you plan on using it. Are you a daily or weekly user? Then a rechargeable toy is for you. If you are only plan on using it once a month or less, then a battery powered one is probably best.

Remember though that you will need to stock up on batteries if you decide to go with the battery powered option. Also, never store your sex toy with the batteries inside. That way, in both instances, you will avoid corrosion and no power and thus won’t be disappointed when you do want to use your toy.


The power is an extremely important choice in picking a vibrator or sex machine. Some have a gentle vibration and others will stimulate your clitoris like it has never been before.

This is another choice based on your preference. If you’re the type of woman who like to take her time and really enjoy your solo play, then a slower, less powerful option would be for you.

On the other hand, if you want a really quick orgasm and can stand the high rate of power and speed on your vagina, then by all means get a powerful toy.

Read the reviews and see what people are saying. If they mention the word powerful or say that they had an orgasm in a minute, then you may or may not want that toy. We did a review on a powerful one and you can find that here.

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Most rechargeable sex toys are waterproof today, but not all. This doesn't only come into play if you want to have some fun in the shower or bath, but also when cleaning your sex toy.

Read up on your choice before purchase to verify it's 100% waterproof. You don't want your toy to stop at a very inopportune time.


This should be self explanatory, but not all sex toys vibrate. Dildos for example, are usually a realistic replica of a penis. They are used for rubbing your clitoris or for inserting into your vagina or anus with no vibration. There are remote control dildos that have suction to stick to a wall or other surfaces so you can play hands free.

But, if your looking for a toy that you can use for penetration and stimulating your vagina and clit, a vibrator is the way to go. Not all sex toys vibrate. Dildos, for example, are usually solid penile replicas that are for penetration and employ no vibrations. Depending on what you want your toy for, you may not want it to vibrate. However, if you are looking to use your toy for penetration AND for clitoral stimulation, you may want to look into options which vibrate. If you only want something for some internal joys, then a non-vibrating option is definitely the way to go.


Choosing options on sex toys these days is a daunting task. Some of the options are vibration, spin, temperature control, memorization, thrusting, remote controlled wearable vibrators, or just a plain on/off.

There's so many questions to ask. Do you like variety of speeds and vibrations? Do you want a thrusting and spinning toy? How about one that suctions to a smooth surface?

Pick the toy that has the options you want. If your a woman that just likes the vibration on your clit, go with a simple vibrator. If you like the thrusting of a penis, then go with a dildo. If you like vibration and the feel of oral sex, try out this toy. It simulates a tongue on your clitoris. Or, you can read our review on the five best vibrators that are the market now.


Just like guys, all toys come in different sizes. They come in huge size and girth like the one above all the way down to vibrators that slip onto your finger which are perfect to carry around with you.

Again. this all is personal choice. You might want a micro sized one so you can have some fun in a bathroom stall during your lunch hour. Or you might like a 12 inch dildo. It's all about to you.

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